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Albert Martínez Martín
Chief Executive Officer
Rafael Elías Munoz
Vice President of Production
Harje Kjellberg
VP Business and Legal Affairs
Mila Ramírez
Director of Production
Jordi Gassó
Production and Sales Manager
Jessalin Victor
Production Services Manager
Alma Pichardo
Production Services Manager
Federico Berón
Production Services Manager
Torimarlyn Méndez
Director of Studio Operations
Alba Sterling
Operations Booking Manager
Katherine Díaz
Operations Manager
Norman Herrero
Business & Legal Manager

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“The Dominican Republic offered everything we needed to shoot OLD: beautiful locations, amazing Pinewood studio facilities - especially the horizon water tank, terrific local crew and very competitive film incentives”

Marc Bienstock, Executive Producer of NBC Universal’s “OLD”

“Lost City'' was a really huge production and Lantica really helped to couple the best team possible in the Dominican Republic so we could achieve such an ambitious project and a huge amount of work and just the support of finding crew, finding great locations and managing the back-end with the finances delivering the rebate once we were completed”

J.J. Hook, Producer of Paramount’s “The Lost City”

“I love this place! It’s magic! The Pinewood Facility here is phenomenal, Lantica is phenomenal! We’ve had an amazing experience in the DR and I would definitely come back. I also loved the local crew! It’s one of my most favorite crews I’ve ever worked with anywhere in the world. They are really helpful, hands-on, cooperative and willing to please… just a really great group of people with a lot of experience”

Scott Lumpkin, Executive Producer of Netflix’s “NYAD”

“The D.R. is a great place to shoot, it's just a great place to be. We really enjoyed working there the first time. The entire island can double for different countries, which is fantastic! And the facilities are great”

James Harris, Producer of “47 METERS DOWN”

““We basically created a show and sold it to come and shoot in the Dominican Republic. The local crew, they really are amazing (...) it’s all here, it is a world class facility!

Chad Oakes, Producer of Netflix’s “The I-LAND”

“Pinewood’s Horizon Water Tank is the main reason we are here. It has been an incredible asset to our project. We are shooting almost everything in the Dominican Republic and it's been absolutely fantastic. We’ve found wonderful locations and have used mainly Dominican crew. They are absolutely delightful, very hard-working and very passionate about what they do”

Julie Baines, Producer “Something in the Water”

Dominican Republic

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